Discover the Camino de Santiago

Welcome, intrepid travellers, to our virtual corner in the vast world of exploration. Today, at Tour Travel & More, we dive into one of the world’s most iconic pilgrimages: the Camino de Santiago. For those venturing on this historic route for the first time, we have prepared a guide with practical tips to help you prepare for the experience of a lifetime. Check out our private tours here!

More than a firm step

Before embarking on your journey, proper preparation is essential – don’t worry, it’s not just about pounding your feet in the gym. In addition to physical preparation, spend time researching the Camino, familiarising yourself with its history and understanding its spiritual significance. Also, don’t forget to break in those new shoes before the big walk! Nothing ruins the experience more than blisters on your feet.

The magic of detachment

Although the temptation to pack your entire wardrobe can be strong, remember that every ounce of extra weight will become a burden on your shoulders. Opt for lightness and functionality when choosing your luggage. A well-organised backpack with the essentials will make your trip much more pleasant. And yes, a small plastic bag for those rainy moments can be your best friend!

Choose your own route

The Camino de Santiago offers a variety of routes, each with its own charm and challenges. From the popular French Route to the less travelled Via de la Plata, each route has something unique to offer. Before you set off, do your research and choose the route that best suits your preferences and abilities. And remember, the real charm of the Camino lies not only in getting to Santiago, but in the journey itself.

Walking in the spirit of community

One of the most beautiful aspects of the Camino de Santiago is the community of pilgrims that forms along the route. Don’t be afraid to make new friends and share stories as you walk. Hospitality is an integral part of this experience, so be kind, help others when needed and don’t be surprised if you end up sharing a meal or a room with someone you’ve just met – the best friendships are forged in the most unexpected moments!

More than a destination, an experience

In conclusion, the Camino de Santiago is much more than a simple walk to a Spanish city. It is a journey of self-discovery, a spiritual experience and an encounter with the history and culture of Europe. With proper preparation, light luggage, the right choice of route and an open attitude towards community, you will be ready to embark on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

So, are you ready to take the first step? The Camino de Santiago awaits you with open arms, ready to guide you on a journey that will transform your life forever. Bon voyage, pilgrim, and may the road lead you to new and exciting adventures!

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