Discover the Biggest Lego Festival in Spain

Welcome, adventurers and lovers of the LEGO world, to news that is sure to make all dream builders jump with excitement! On this occasion, we are pleased to announce that the famous Lego Festival, recognised as the world’s largest, will land in three cities in Spain this year, bringing with it an explosion of color, creativity and fun for all ages. Check out our private tours here! 

Barcelona: The Beginning of a Block Filled Journey

From the heart of Tour Travel & More, we are excited to share this incredible news that will mark a milestone in the events calendar for fans of these iconic pieces of plastic. The Lego Festival, known for its ability to spark the imagination and promote innovation through play, is set to dazzle Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia with its amazing exhibits and interactive activities.

Madrid: Where Creativity Merges with the Energy of the Capital

Imagine a world where your creations can come to life, where every block is a doorway to infinite possibilities. This festival offers just that and more. From giant sculptures built with thousands of bricks to play areas where little ones can let their imaginations run wild, the Lego Festival is an experience that captivates everyone from the most experienced enthusiasts to those just beginning their journey into the world of building blocks.

Valencia: Celebrating Lego Innovation and Magic

Barcelona, the vibrant city of Gaudí and modernist art, will be the starting point for this journey of creativity. With its unique combination of history and modernity, Barcelona will provide the perfect setting for visitors to immerse themselves in the magic of Lego. Continuing the tour, we arrive in bustling Madrid, the capital that never sleeps. Here, the Lego Festival will merge with the dynamic spirit of the city to offer an experience that will leave a lasting impression on all participants.

What can you expect at the Lego Festival?

And last but not least, we head to Valencia, the city of arts and sciences. With its futuristic architecture and focus on innovation, Valencia will welcome the Lego Festival with open arms, celebrating creativity in all its forms.

What can you expect at this unique festival? From exhibitions of impressive constructions to workshops where you can learn advanced building techniques, the Lego Festival invites you to immerse yourself in a world where imagination is the only limitation. In addition, there will be activities for the whole family, exciting competitions and the opportunity to meet other Lego fans from all over the world.

An Event to Inspire and Entertain

This event is not only an opportunity to have fun, but also a platform to inspire future architects, engineers, designers and artists. Lego has proven to be much more than a game; it is an educational tool that fosters skills such as problem solving, collaboration and creativity.

At Tour Travel & More, we are committed to providing unique experiences that enrich the lives of our customers, and the Lego Festival is certainly one of those experiences not to be missed. Mark your calendars, get your enthusiasm ready and join us on this journey of discovery and fun.

See you at the world’s biggest Lego Festival in Spain, where dreams are built block by block!

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