Discover Spain’s Most Spectacular Abandoned Villages

In Spain, a country known for its rich history, vibrant cities and varied landscapes, lie hidden forgotten treasures: abandoned villages. Once home to thriving communities, these places now lie deserted, but they have lost none of their charm or their ability to amaze. From Tour Travel & More, we invite you on a tour of Spain’s most spectacular abandoned villages, where history comes alive amidst ruins and silence. Check out our private tours here! 

Belchite: A Testimony of the Civil War

Located in the province of Zaragoza, Belchite is perhaps the best known abandoned village in Spain. Its history is marked by the Spanish Civil War, during which it was the scene of a fierce battle in 1937. The old Belchite was completely destroyed and, after the war, Franco’s regime decided to build a new town nearby, leaving the ruins of old Belchite as a monument to the horrors of the conflict.

Today, walking through the streets of Belchite is like stepping back in time. The skeletal remains of churches, houses and other buildings stand as mute witnesses to a turbulent era. Visitors can take guided tours that not only tell the story of the battle, but also highlight daily life in pre-war Belchite. It is a place that mixes solemnity and fascination, perfect for history and architecture buffs.

Escó: Natural Beauty and Abandonment

In the region of Cinco Villas, in Aragon, lies the picturesque village of Escó. Abandoned during the construction of the Yesa reservoir in the 1950s, Escó is a place where nature has reclaimed what was once its own. Its stone houses, overgrown with vegetation and its cobbled streets, offer a unique and evocative sight.

Unlike other abandoned villages, Escó has no history of conflict or disaster. Its abandonment was due to the relocation of its inhabitants for the creation of the reservoir, making it a silent testimony to human decisions and their impact on small rural communities. Hikers and photographers will find Escó an ideal destination, where time seems to have stood still and tranquility reigns in every corner.

Granadilla: History, Recovery and Nature

Granadilla, in the province of Cáceres, is a peculiar case among the abandoned villages of Spain. This beautiful walled village was evicted in 1955 due to the construction of the Gabriel y Galán reservoir, which was thought to flood the area. However, the water never covered Granadilla and, in time, it became a recovery and restoration project.

Since 1980, the village has been the subject of various initiatives to recover its splendour, making it a living museum. Strolling through Granadilla is a unique experience: its streets, walls and buildings have been restored, but retain the charm of the old. In addition, its location next to the reservoir offers a beautiful natural environment, ideal for outdoor activities and ecological tourism. Granadilla is an example of how abandoned villages can be reborn and become fascinating tourist destinations.

La Mussara: Mystery and Adventures in the Mountains

Located in the province of Tarragona, La Mussara is a village that has awakened many legends and myths. Abandoned in the 1950s, its ruins are located in a stunning natural setting, high up in the mountain range of the same name. The mist that often envelops the site adds a touch of mystery to this already enigmatic enclave.

The ruins of La Mussara are a popular destination for lovers of hiking and adventure. The trails leading to the village offer spectacular panoramic views and the chance to explore a natural environment rich in flora and fauna. In addition, stories of mysterious disappearances and paranormal phenomena have made La Mussara a place of interest for seekers of the unexplained. Whether for its natural beauty or its atmosphere charged with mystery, La Mussara is a destination that leaves no one indifferent.

Spain’s abandoned villages are more than just vestiges of the past; they are places full of history, beauty and mystery. From the tragic Belchite to the enigmatic La Mussara, each of these villages offers a unique window into the past and an opportunity to explore unknown corners of the country. At Tour Travel & More, we pride ourselves on offering tourism experiences that allow our clients to discover these places in a unique and enriching way. Are you ready for your next adventure? Come and explore the abandoned villages of Spain with us!

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