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Best Activities in Barcelona


Barcelona has so much to offer that sometimes its difficult to decide what to do when you have a short period of time. We have come up with a list of the best activities and plans to do once you visit Barcelona.   Enjoy a walk around town –>  Barcelona is a big city, but …

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Father’s day plans in Madrid


  This Saturday is Father’s day in Spain. We have put together a few cool and fun plans to do with your family on this special day. It is also a perfect gift for those who perfer a great memory forever! We have set up 3 different types of plans: Cultural plans, Filling your belly …

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Best plans for New Years!


There are just perfect plans to do once you visit Madrid and need to plan a perfect New Years. (These plans are fully open and full of locals as well!) Get dressed, get together with your family and friends and prepare youself to enjoy a great and enjoyable New Years in Spains Capital with great …

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Barcelona and its Museums


There is always something to do in Barcelona. Even when you think you have seen the whole city, there is always something else to see and enjoy in this great cosmopolitan city. I am a particular fan of museums and especially on rainy days. When I am on holidays I take a chance to get …

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Barcelona walking tour

What you shouldn’t miss in Barcelona


Barcelona is known for so many things, but if its your first time here, there are some MUST-SEES which you cannot miss! Here is a short list of attractions and monuments you cannot miss even if you have a short hourly visit! There are so many more, but this is especially designed for cruisers who …

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Spring in Barcelona


  Barcelona is well known for its perfect weather all year round. Although we have to say that spring and autumn are perfect seasons to visit and enjoy the city. The daily weather ranges from 18-25 degrees Celsius and at nightitgets a bit chilly. A small jacket is enough. During these months, it’s perfect to …

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Barcelona under the rain


Barcelona is not known to be a rainy city, so it is rare if your holidays come accompanied with rain, but it could happen. But don’t worry, there are many ways to enjoy Barcelona under the rain. Even though its raining, you should take the opportunity to enjoy a short tour of the city and …

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Christmas in Barcelona


Welcome to Barcelona and its Christmas Season! Barcelona is a cosmopolita city and you can enjoy beautiful views of the city during the Christmas Season. Every city has a special charm during Christmas and Barcelona is just perfect for Christmas. Every city has beautiful Christmas decoration and lights. It’s the season that makes you feel …

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One day in Barcelona, don’t miss a thing!


It is hard to enjoy all of Barcelona in only one day, but you can do a pretty good job at it. Many of you are arriving from a cruise or a long trip visiting different cities and it can be hard to spend more than a day in every city. We will help you …

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Barcelona mobile congress 2015 – March 2-5, 2015 


If you haven’t heard about it Barcelona’s mobile congress is the world’s greatest mobile event! Not so long ago, mobiles were exclusive and huge, now mobiles have become the most important and revolutionary communication we have in this world. Every year there are major technology breakthroughs and updates, it just gets better every year. With …

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