Alicante, rice land

With an offer of more than one hundred varieties of cooking it, Alicante, located in the South East of Spain, is one of the most remarkable places to enjoy something as simple as rice. Cooked with shellfish, meat or fish, they can be enjoyed on the seaside in any of the restaurants located along San Juan beach, the sea landmark of the city. It is also typical to have a mid-morning snack, the so called “almorsaret alicantí”, which is usually composed of a small piece of food with a glass of wine from Alicante. Turrón, a typical Christmas sweet made of almond, and delicious ice creams are the other most remarkable foods of this city in Spain.

But apart from enjoying a mouth-watering gastronomy, Alicante offers a lot of different things to do and places to visit. One of the places you must head for is Tabarca Island. Located at approx. 9km south east from Santa Pola,Tabarca is the smallest permanently inhabited island in Spain. The population count is about 80, but that changes dramatically during the summer months because tourism is the main source of income for the island. Small, pebbled beaches and coves invite to snorkelling.

Tabarca has a quite interesting history. All of 2km long and 300m wide, the island was a refuge for the Barbary pirates up to the end of the 18th century. Around 1760, a group of sailors from the Tunesian town of Tabarca shipwrecked near the island, were rescued and finally settled there together with a deployment of Spanish soldiers.

The town is laid out in a square pattern which shows the military origin, with only a few streets bordered by old fishing houses and one quite upscale modern hotel which once was the Governer´s residence, as well as a few restaurants which mostly serve seafood.

Alicante hosts several Museums to visit. Among them, the Bonfires Museum, devoted to one of the traditional events in the city, the San Juan Night, when more than 200 bonfires are lit, or the Museum of Nativity Scenes, where dozens of these compositions can be seen, from the oldest ones to the most up to date, or the Volvo Museum, where the visitor has the chance of sailing a ship on its simulator.

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