10 forests to enjoy autumn in Spain

When autumn arrives in Spain, the forests, beech, oak and chestnut groves are transformed into a beautiful colorful array of different shades, with a variety such as ocher, violet, red, gold, yellow and even pink, which give the sensation of dreamy landscapes.

The best time to appreciate this spectacular landscape is in late October or early November. A time to give us the opportunity to walk and relax; walking through all this nature, enjoying not only the autumn colors, but also to be able to perceive its pleasant aromas. 

A spectacle that you should not miss this coming autumn. That is why we have decided to make you a small list of the most interesting forests that you can visit in different parts of the country.

Forests that are located in the communities towards the north of Spain:

In the Principality of Asturias, the Muniellos forest:

In this beautiful forest of Asturias, in the northwest of Spain, is located the largest oak forest in the country, exactly in the Natural Reserve of Narcea; paradise that in 2000 was declared a Biosphere Reserve. In the autumn season it becomes a landscape with beautiful colors and waterfalls of crystalline waters. In addition, it has 2 different routes, so that you can make your journey in the best way; one with 16 Km and the other with 20 Km.

In the Basque Country, the Otzarreta grove: 

The Basque Country is located towards the Northeast of Spain, and here is located the largest and most lush park of this community, as well as the peninsula; called the Natural Park of Gorbeia; it owes its name to the peak of 1482 m altitude. This massif is related to the territories of Alava and Biscay; that is to say, the 14 trails it has are shared, thanks to the fact that some slopes begin in Alava and others in Biscay.

In the autumn season the landscape is colored with many red leaves and green moss at ground level. In addition, there are interesting caves; most of the territory is covered by oak and beech forests, especially the famous Altube beech forest, on its southern slope.

Forests that are located towards the northeast of the country:

In the community of Navarra, the forest of Urbasa:

This beautiful park has about 27,000 hectares of extension, and is formed by lush meadows and many beech forests. At this time of the year, there are many colors in yellow and orange tones, as well as a landscape that has been formed in a natural way, observing curious monuments. Likewise, the Urederra River is located, which has turquoise and very crystalline waters.

In the community of Navarra, the Irati Forest:

It is located between the valleys of Salazar and those of Navarre of Aezkoa in the Pyrenees, occupying almost the majority, and a little less the French valleys; with an area of 17,000 hectares, the second largest beech beech forests on the continent. 

This park offers its visitors many trails, about 20 different and signposted routes, to enjoy all the routes and the autumn scenery. For example, the so-called SL are trails suitable for all ages, with a length of less than 10 km.

In the community of Aragon, the Ordesa Park:

We are talking about the most important park in this community, in the province of Huesca. It is a park with a beautiful natural landscape of streams, waterfalls and valleys that turn into ocher, green, red and orange colors, combining firs, beeches, gall oaks, pines and tremolines. In the highest part of the park you can practice snow activities and towards the lower part hiking or canyoning.

In the community of La Rioja, the Natural Park of Sierra Cebollera:

It is a park with forests of oak, beech and wild pines similar to Los Cameros. It is 9 km long and has about 7 trails of about 80 km each; well marked. This route through the Achichuelo trail leaves from Villoslada de Cameros, to travel along the banks of the river called Iregua and also the hermitage Lomos de Orios.

Forests that are located towards the northwest of the country:

In Segovia, the Hayedo de la Pedrosa:

The city of Segovia is located in the Community of Castilla y León, towards the northwest of the peninsula, and is the largest city in this community. This forest of Segovia is located very close to Riofrío de Riaza. 

It has trees that date back more than 100 years. Its trunks covered with moss and twisted shape make the Pedrosa get that landscape so characteristic of the place. In autumn all the ocher and yellow colors that adorn the environment stand out; becoming a very attractive and different place to walk.

Forests that are located towards the central part of the country:

In the capital Madrid, the Hayedo de Montejo:

This beech forest is located at the famous foot of the Sierra de Ayllón, an ancient forest of oaks, beeches, oaks and oaks, nothing more and nothing less than in the middle of the capital of the Iberian Peninsula; an hour and a half away. In addition, in 2017 it was declared a Unesco Natural Heritage Site. 

In the autumn season you can see the range of colors ranging from yellow, red and orange. Legend has it that this forest is inhabited by the wonderful and incredible fairies, but they turn their visitors into trees. The visits are free and guided by environmental educators. 

In the Community of Castilla-La Mancha, the Beech Forest of Tejera Negra:

This beech forest is located exactly in the city of Guadalajara, to the west, between the valleys of the Zarzas and those of the Lillas River. It has a great beauty, with deep ravines that are flown over by different birds.

In this park you can observe holly trees, birches, wild pines and oaks. It also has two hiking trails for those who like to be in contact with nature: the Senda del Robledal and the Senda de Carretas.

In the Community of Extremadura, the Ambroz Valley:

One of the great attractions of northern Extremadura is this Ambroz Valley, which is located north of Cáceres and in the region of Hervás. It has a kind of natural fence formed by mountains, which have a little more than 2000 m high; in addition to the rivers. 

Its high part is populated by chestnut trees, which are dyed in brown tones, as well as golden color in autumn. In addition, at this time the Magic Autumn festival is celebrated, with many activities for tourists, such as hiking, gastronomy and music; a magic of colors, smells and flavors to enjoy.

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