What to see in the old Jewish Quarter of Toledo?

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You can not miss the old Jewish Quarter Toledo, it would be unforgivable, not walk its streets

Located in the Southwest of the city is the old Jewish quarter of Toledo. This is where the Jewish community settled from the entrance of the Holy Inquisition in Toledo in 1485 until its final expulsion in 1492.

Actually, in the old Jewish neighborhood of Toledo, there were no ghettos in Toledo. Jewish and Christian Arabs lived together in the city of the Three Cultures for centuries until. Due to the imminent problems ahead, they settled in the Jewish quarter seeking more protection.

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Upon arriving at the Jewish Quarter in the street of Santo Tomé. Here is where Jewish and Christians already lived in the 15th century. We will visit the masterpiece of El Greco, a Cretan painter installed in Toledo almost all his life. It is located inside a chapel of the Church of Santo Tomé and we will admire his work and style.

Once finished, we will go down Calle del Ángel until we reach Calle de los Reyes Catolicos. Here we will visit two of the ten synagogues in Toledo that are still preserved as museums.

We are talking about the incomparable 13th century Aljama Toledo Synagogue built in the Mudejar style.

The building itself is a pleasure for the eyes. With its 38 horseshoe arches that support 32 octagonal pillars that remind us more of a Mosque. This is due to the Arab world, we will enjoy the incomparable beauty that the Hebrew culture hid..

After the revolts caused by King Henry II of the Trastamara dynasty against the Jewish community in 1391. It soon became a Christian church with the name of Santa Maria la Blanca, today converted into a museum.

Lets continue our visit…

At the end, very closely, we find the Synagogue of Samuel Ha Levi, chief rabbi and treasurer of King Pedro I of Castile built in the 15th century.

It is a magnificent Hispanic Gothic building with an impressive Moorish plasterwork on the sacred wall. At the exit we will have the opportunity to see the Sephardic Museum and the women’s gallery.

Today it is called the Synagogue of Transit, a Christian name that it would acquire upon becoming, after expulsion, a Christian church.

Right next to it is the Casa Museo del Greco that preserves a magnificent painter’s apostolate and at the end of the street. If there is still time and you want to contemplate the wealth and beauty of the architecture of the time of the Catholic Monarchs. You should take a look at the Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, built in the Elizabethan Gothic style in 1477, of which the church and a cloister are still preserved.

Place chosen by their Catholic majesties to bury themselves until they later changed their minds at the end of the conquest of Granada and decided to leave their bodies permanently buried there.

So much to see and do in Toledo

There would still be places to visit but we will leave it for another occasion. We will take advantage of the fact that lunchtime is upon us to enjoy a pleasant aperitif accompanied by a refreshing red of summer. In one of the many terraces that we will find during our pleasant walk through the old Jewish Quarter of Toledo.

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