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Full description

Full description

Description of the Private tour of the steps of St. Paul (4 hours) from any city

The Maltese archipelago offers much to see and learn about. Its islands are full of innumerable natural and architectural beauties, which are of incalculable value. In fact, many of its monuments and buildings have been declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco. 

The Footsteps of St. Paul tour is the perfect excursion to connect with a fundamental part of Christianity, as we will take you to the sites where the Apostle Paul of Tarsus performed some of his great miracles and began to preach Christianity in Malta. 

You will also see the site where the apostle was shipwrecked in the year 60 AD. 

It will be a 4-hour tour, personalized and tailored to your needs, in which you will travel in an exclusive car with a private official guide, who will be in charge of telling you every important fact about the places of interest you will visit. 

You will explore the site where, according to the stories, St. Paul was shipwrecked and began to preach the word of Christ. In addition, this grotto became a place of pilgrimage in the 17th century, since it was heavily patronized in ancient times by the order of the Knights of St. John. 

The 4-hour tour is planned to discover and explore one of the most used pilgrimage routes by Christians worldwide. 

This private tour of St. Paul’s Steps is the perfect way to connect with Malta’s Christian past. 

According to history, the Christian faith was introduced by Paul of Tarsus in the year 60 AD, who was shipwrecked on a boat when he was to be brought before the Roman court to be tried as a rebel. 

This event is related in the Bible, specifically in the book “Acts of the Apostles (XXVII) of St. Luke”.

Private Tour the steps of St. Paul from Any City | Points of Interest

On the Maltese coast you will see the site where he was shipwrecked and swam to the island. Also, the tour includes other sites of interest, such as: 

The grotto of San Pablo

This grotto is located just below the church of San Pablo. There are many legends surrounding it. For example, it is said that upon arriving at the island, St. Paul in this grotto was bitten by a snake and was not harmed. 

For this reason, the grotto of San Pablo is considered a sacred place, which can cure snake bites and some diseases. 

It is also said that Publius, the first bishop of Malta, was baptized and consecrated in the chapels of the grotto. 

In addition, before the chapels were built, this area was used as a prison by the Romans, which is why the chains used to tie up the condemned can still be seen on the roofs. 

It is an excursion that will completely fulfill your expectations and, in addition, will reveal the traces left by St. Paul in Malta.

The catacombs of St. Paul

This typical subway complex, which was used as a Roman cemetery, served as a meeting place for the first Christians on the island. 

The catacombs are located on the outskirts of Mdina and are one of the most important archeological representations of Christianity in Malta. 

St. Paul’s Cathedral in Malta

In the former capital of Malta (Mdina) you will also see the church of St. Paul. The building is above the grotto of St. Paul and just outside the medieval city walls. 

The place is located where St. Paul is said to have arrived at the island and met Publius. 

It is a building of imposing architectural beauty and houses the Cathedral Museum, which houses a valuable collection of ecclesiastical and secular art. 

In addition, you will see other sites of interest that are key to understanding the history of St. Paul in Malta and why the island was considered a beacon of light for early Christianity. 

We recommend that you also set aside a few hours of your itinerary to enjoy the private walking tour of Mdina, as it will be a personalized way to finish discovering all the jewels that this splendid city has to offer. 



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This Private Tour includes:

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