Private walking tour of the Historical center of Buenos Aires

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Full description

Private walking tour of the Historical center of Buenos Aires description

Embark on a captivating 2-hour private walking tour of Buenos Aires’ historical center with Tour Travel and More. Accompanied by an expert guide, you’ll delve into the city’s rich history and marvel at its stunning architecture as you explore on foot. This immersive tour provides an intimate and up-close look at the landmarks and hidden gems that define the heart of Argentina’s capital city. Gain a deeper understanding of the city’s cultural heritage and feel the vibrant energy that makes Buenos Aires an unforgettable destination.

Private walking tour of the Historical center of Buenos Aires points of interest

Discover the essential sights and attractions that make up the historical center of Buenos Aires. From stately monuments and grand plazas to picturesque cobblestone streets and vibrant street art, this tour offers a comprehensive and unforgettable experience of the city’s most iconic and cherished destinations. Your knowledgeable guide will share insightful stories and fascinating facts about the locations you visit, ensuring that you leave with a lasting appreciation for the history and culture that shape Buenos Aires.

Casa Rosada:

The Casa Rosada, or Pink House, is the executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina. This striking pink-colored building is an emblematic symbol of Argentine politics and history. Its ornate architectural style and the famous balcony from which Eva Perón addressed the crowds make it a must-visit site on any tour of Buenos Aires. As you explore the area, your guide will share captivating stories about the building’s history, its role in shaping Argentine politics, and the famous figures who have stood on its iconic balcony.

Metropolitan Cathedral:

The Metropolitan Cathedral is the principal Catholic church in Buenos Aires and the seat of the archbishop. This magnificent building features a unique blend of architectural styles, including neoclassical, baroque, and rococo. Inside, you’ll find impressive altars, stunning artwork, and the tomb of General José de San Martín, a national hero. As you marvel at the cathedral’s beauty, your guide will provide detailed explanations about the historical significance of this religious landmark and its role in Argentine culture.

Plaza de Mayo:

Plaza de Mayo is the political and historical heart of Buenos Aires. This iconic square has been the site of numerous significant events in Argentine history, including protests, celebrations, and political speeches. Surrounded by key government buildings and monuments, Plaza de Mayo is an essential stop on any historical walking tour of the city. Stroll around the square with your guide, who will provide fascinating insights into the events that have taken place here and the importance of this location in Buenos Aires’ rich history.

Café Tortoni:

Café Tortoni is a historic and iconic café located in the heart of Buenos Aires, dating back to 1858. As one of the oldest cafés in the city, it has been a popular gathering place for artists, intellectuals, and politicians over the years. The elegant interior, adorned with Tiffany stained-glass ceilings, chandeliers, and marble-topped tables, transports you to a bygone era. During the tour, your guide will share stories about the café’s history and the famous patrons who have frequented its halls.

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    2 hours

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    English, Spanish, French, the language in Spanish (other languages to consult)

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    Middle point in Buenos Aires


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Cancellation Policy

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