Private Excursion to San Isidro and Delta Tour

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  • 5.5 hours
  • Guided tour
Full description

Full description

Private Excursion to San Isidro and Delta Tour Description

Experience the verdant tranquility of Buenos Aires’ surrounding areas with our Private Excursion to San Isidro and the Delta Tour. This full-day adventure, lasting approximately 5.5 hours, offers a welcome escape from the bustling city to the serene landscapes of San Isidro and the Parana Delta. The tour provides roundtrip transportation and a knowledgeable guide to enrich your journey. We’ll first explore San Isidro, an affluent district known for its lush green spaces, colonial-style architecture, and quaint cobblestone streets. Then, we venture into the Delta, an astonishing network of rivers and islands. This tour is an excellent opportunity to experience a unique aspect of Argentine life, one that offers a contrasting view to the cosmopolitan flair of Buenos Aires.

Our excursion begins with a comfortable ride to San Isidro, where the city’s bustling energy gives way to a charming tranquility. As we navigate through the scenic routes, your guide will introduce you to the rich history of this district, marked by colonial grandeur and aristocratic elegance. A walk down the district’s streets is a journey back in time, with beautifully preserved buildings telling stories of a bygone era.

After the tour of San Isidro, we embark on a thrilling boat ride to the Parana Delta, one of the world’s largest river deltas. Its unique geographical features create an enchanting landscape of myriad rivers, streams, and islands, home to a distinctive biodiversity. As we cruise through the peaceful waterways, you’ll gain insights into the unique lifestyle of the island dwellers, offering a perspective seldom encountered in standard city tours. This harmonious coexistence of nature and humanity is a sight to behold, making this excursion a highlight of any visit to Buenos Aires.

Private Excursion to San Isidro and Delta Tour Points of Interest

San Isidro: San Isidro, a historically significant neighborhood of Buenos Aires, presents a serene escape from the city’s bustling dynamics. This district, teeming with heritage sites, lush parks, and cobblestone streets, offers a distinctive blend of urban sophistication and tranquil charm. We’ll explore the grandeur of the San Isidro Cathedral, a neo-gothic masterpiece whose imposing spires dominate the cityscape. Nearby, we’ll also visit Villa Ocampo, a cultural hub that once served as the residence of Victoria Ocampo, a prominent Argentine writer and intellectual. Walking through these historical streets, our guide will shed light on San Isidro’s intricate past, revealing the confluence of Spanish colonial and British influences that have shaped its architecture, culture, and character.

Delta Tour: The Parana Delta, a unique aquatic landscape stretching across Argentina’s lush green terrain, presents a fascinating exploration of life on the river. A network of myriad islands and waterways, this area fosters a community that thrives amidst the natural bounty. As we cruise through the tranquil waters, we’ll observe the stilt houses perched above the river, a testament to the ingenious adaptation of the local residents. Our guide will point out the rich diversity of the delta’s fauna and flora, highlighting its importance as a wildlife sanctuary. As we delve deeper into the heart of the delta, you’ll learn about the sustainable practices that underpin the lifestyle of these river-dwelling communities, demonstrating a profound respect for nature and a harmonious coexistence with their surroundings.

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  • Duration

    5.5 hours

  • Language

    English, Spanish, French, the language in Spanish (other languages to consult)

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    Point of your choice in Buenos Aires


This Private Tour includes:

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  • Complete personalized experience
  • Private Tour
  • 24/7 Guardian Angel Service
  • Public liability insurance
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  • Price per person

This Private Tour excludes:

  • Food and drinks
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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

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  • Modification of tour/service dates and starting times are subject to availability.
  • 48 hours prior to first service date: Free Cancellation on guide and private vehicle with chauffeur. Any type of entrance tickets have no refund.
  • Less than 48 hours prior to first service date: No Refund. Payment of 100%.

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