The Tenerife hotel where the Michelin stars meet

The Royal Hideaway Corales Resort 5* GL in Tenerife has received a second star for El Rincón de Juan Carlos and a first star for its Nikkei San Hô restaurant.

Anyone who knows the world of haute cuisine knows that the packaging is as valuable as the content. The dishes are prepared as contemporary works of art, with the aim of evoking emotions using all the senses, from sight to taste. Both the inside and the outside receive the same attention to detail.

A parallel that we can apply to the Tenerife hotel Royal Hideaway Corales Resort 5* GL in Costa Adeje.As well as being named best luxury hotel in terms of architecture and design at the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2020, it has held three Michelin stars since last November, with El Rincón de Juan Carlos receiving the second and the Nissin San Hô restaurant the first, making it one of the most awarded establishments in the Canary Islands by the Red Guide.

Juan Carlos’ song

It is no secret to gastronomic experts that Canarian cuisine had (and still has) a lot to say, but that does not mean that we mere mortals, lovers of Canarian flavours, are not happy that the culinary qualities of such a rich and tasty territory are finally beginning to be recognised and cared for.

These islands have been working hard on the gastronomic level for some time now and they are doing it very well. All these people and their professionals have not ceased to develop the islands and are positioning them every day as a top gastronomic destination. Positive results are almost never the result of chance and, in the case of the Canary Islands, it has to do with the fact that many people, professionals, producers, companies and institutions have worked together to bring Canarian cuisine to its current level,” said Juan Carlos and Jonathan Padrón, chefs from Tenerife.

The Padrón brothers are the first Canarian chefs to have two Michelin stars in the same restaurant, which is a source of pride for them and the continuation of a dream that began in 2016, when they managed to be the first to enter the guide.” The chefs continued, “The second star is undoubtedly a recognition and a testament to the effort and daily work that we dedicate to our passion: cooking. It is also a great boost and a dose of confidence to continue growing gastronomically. The recognition of a guide with such a reputation and rigour gives us more confidence in our style”.

How would you describe this very personal style? We always say that the cuisine we work with is unique, so we try to offer diners dishes and flavours they have never tasted before. We treat our products, their quality and their taste with the utmost respect, so that they arrive smoothly on the plate and in the restaurant. Of course, we use local products, but also fascinating products from other parts of the world”, they confess.

And that’s not all: Juan Carlos and Jonathan have also upgraded their star rating at Poemas by Hermanos Padrón, a 5*GL restaurant at the Royal Hideaway Hotel Santa Catalina. We are lucky to have two stars in Tenerife and one in Gran Canaria. This makes us especially happy and fills us with pride: as Canarian chefs, having a star in each province of the Canaries is a dream come true”, they conclude.

A dream they share every season with their famous colleagues who participate in the “Inspiring Chefs Tenerife 2022” event, the ninth edition of which was attended by Álvaro Salazar, chef awarded with two Michelin stars. A chef with six empty hands who has created an exceptional menu full of freedom, technique and balance.

Before the young VORO chef Massimo Bottura, the Torres brothers, Ana Rôs and Diego Guerrero were some of those who passed through the kitchen of El Rincón de Juan Carlos, which is held twice a year in this Tenerife hotel.

San Hô

Fusion of Peruvian and Japanese culture with a strong Canarian accent is what Nissin San Hô offers, run by another Tenerife duo: Adrián Bosch (Best Absolute Canarian Chef 2012) and Eduardo Domínguez (Best Absolute Canarian Chef 2016), who have managed to raise the concept of fusion to a star, although for the moment it is only one, in their own unique and very creative way.

The menu features dishes that combine Japanese, Peruvian and Canarian recipes, but their San Hô menu is the most complete and intelligent way to get to know their dishes, which create incredible creations such as sea urchin with coral foam, Nissin ramen with smoked bacon and triple broth or Canarian baby dumplings with fish bone broth.” A transatlantic culinary journey”, concludes the hotel.

More gastronomy

This year, the Royal Hideaway Corrales 5*GL Resort has added more ways to enjoy the island without leaving your room or suite. On the one hand, guests can enjoy a private gastronomic experience and learn how to prepare (and taste) regional dishes such as patatas arrugás al mojo palmero, almogrote gomero or tartar de rabil, to name but a few, thanks to the “chef in the room” experience, a five-star in-room service that includes chef, sommelier and demonstrations. And on the other hand, with its floating breakfast assortment, Corrales.

Imagine getting out of bed, stepping out onto the terrace and finding a floating tray in your private pool, ready for a photo shoot but above all to enjoy because it contains a glass of Canarian cava, orange banana sorbet with Indian tuna, tomato tartar with avocado, potato and yellow sweet potato omelette with mojo-mayo, banana tart with palm syrup, lemon sponge cake, local seasonal fruits, goat yoghurt and a variety of Canarian cheeses and almogrote.

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