The last Star shower of the year is here!

Welcome to our blog, dear readers of Tour Travel & More. Today we are pleased to share with you an astronomical news that will light up the end of this year in a spectacular way: the Ursids, the last star shower of 2023. In the midst of the daily maelstrom, what better way to say goodbye to the year than by marvelling at the amazing spectacle that the cosmos offers us? Check out our private tours here!

Discovering the Ursids

The Ursids, so called because of their radiant point in the constellation Ursa Minor, are known for their activity at the end of December. This celestial phenomenon is a cosmic farewell given to us by nature, where shooting stars cross the night sky like magical sparkles.

This shower of stars originates from comet Tuttle, also known as 8P/Tuttle, which spews out tiny particles of dust and debris as it travels through the solar system. When the Earth passes through this debris stream, the fragments enter the atmosphere, creating the dazzling spectacle of the Ursids.

The Celestial Spectacle with Tour Travel & More

At Tour Travel & More, we are not only lovers of terrestrial tourism, but we are also passionate about exploring the far reaches of the universe. This year, we have prepared a unique experience for those looking to witness the Ursids in all their splendour.

An Evening Under the Stars

Join us for an unforgettable evening filled with celestial wonder. We will begin our journey at a strategic location, away from the city lights, to offer an unobstructed view of the firmament. Our expert astronomy guides will be there to provide fascinating information about the constellations and answer all your questions.

Before the star shower reaches its peak, we will enjoy an outdoor gourmet dinner, prepared by specialised chefs who will make this experience truly extraordinary. We will toast with champagne to celebrate the beauty of the cosmos and the closing of another year full of travel and discovery.

How to Book your place on the Magical Ursids Tour?

To guarantee your participation in this exclusive event, simply visit our website or call our customer service. Places are limited, as we aim to provide an intimate and comfortable experience for all participants.

Before immersing yourself in this astronomical experience, it is essential to be prepared. Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your night under the stars:

Appropriate Attire: December nights can be cool, so be sure to dress warmly and comfortably.

Observing Equipment: Bring binoculars to appreciate the details of the constellations and, of course, don’t forget your camera to capture those magical moments.

Attitude of Awe: Keep an open mind and be prepared to be amazed by the magnificence of the cosmos.

A Stellar Farewell

At Tour Travel & More, we are excited to offer this unique opportunity to connect with the universe and enjoy the Ursids in all their splendour. This event is not only a celestial farewell to the year, but also an invitation to reflect on the vastness of the cosmos and the ephemeral beauty of life.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the awe and wonder of the Ursids with Tour Travel & More – we look forward to a night under the stars that will be etched in your memory forever!

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