The best of Istanbul to know this 2021

In 2020 the pandemic affected many of the commercial activities; and one of the most affected sectors was tourism. However, in 2021 we have adapted to a “new normal” and under certain safety and hygiene criteria it has been possible to travel again. And if this year you want to know a different tourist site, we will show you the best of Istanbul.

The best destinations in Istanbul to know this 2021

Istanbul is a unique city, located in the middle of the borders between Asia and Europe. Thanks to this, it has a rich cultural diversity in every way; So it is one of the best tourist destinations for this 2021.

Below we collect for you 6 of the best places you can visit; although we must say that Istanbul as a whole is a beautiful place.

Mosques, the world symbol of Istanbul

If we name this city, something that immediately comes to mind is the imposing structure of Hagia Sophia. This place is a mosque, that is to say, a building destined to the realization of cults in the Islamic religion.

The architecture of this place is impressive. The huge dome that we can appreciate from the outside is one of the most outstanding things of this mosque. And it is interesting to know that its elaboration revolutionized the style of Byzantine architecture; which was inspired by Eastern Roman and early Christian design and construction techniques. This is something that is currently a seal of the Byzantine Empire.

This architectural style is reflected in its interior design, full of mosaics and precious ornamental decorations. The place internally is huge. For this reason and more it is one of the most visited places in Istanbul to learn about its culture, religion and history.

Another beautiful mosque, which by the way, its entrance is free and free to the public, is the Blue Mosque. It owes its name to its interior decoration, which contains more than 20 tiles in different shades of blue. This, together with its lamps and stained-glass windows, offers us a spectacular event when sunlight hits the structure.

The Hippodrome of Constantinople

One of the many samples of the cultural diversity that is reflected in the different architectural works of the place, is this racecourse. The Hippodrome of Constantinople was the largest social and entertainment center during the rule of the Byzantine Empire. The city of Constantinople is what we now know as Istanbul, the largest and most beautiful city of the Byzantine Empire (the Roman Empire moved to the east).

In this place, very famous sporting events were held in its time: carriage and horse races. It is estimated that the capacity was 100,000 spectators.

Currently, what remains of the structure of the racecourse has been converted into Sultan Ahmet Square. The renovated space features the German Fountain, a small but perfect chapel for a photoshoot. This square has beautiful columns that tell various stories and victories. In addition, the place still preserves other remains of what was the Hippodrome.

Sultan Ahmet Square is located near the Blue Mosque, and is surrounded by other historical monuments and ideal for sightseeing.

The Bosphorus Cruise

The Bosphorus is a body of water that separates the African and European continent, belonging to the city of Istanbul. The tour of the Bosphorus is one of the activities that you must do if you visit this beautiful Turkish city.

You can do the tour in different ways. There is a public ferry that passes through various ports picking up passengers. This is an inexpensive way to visit the Bosphorus, you will socialize with many people following biosecurity measures; and you can also buy some sweets or souvenirs. However, it is also the option that will take you the longest, since you need about 6 hours in total for the round trip.

If you want a private and faster service, you can hire the cruises as private transport. In this case, there are different schedules, whether you want a walk in the day, in the afternoon or at dusk. The route by this means is about 2 and a half hours; but if you also want to sail on the Black Sea, it would be 4 and a half hours.

Without a doubt, moving through the Bosphorus is an unbeatable experience and that will leave you with special memories of the city of Istanbul. From there you can see historical monuments and some imposing mosques.

The Galata Tower will offer you an unparalleled view

This massive tower offers one of the best panoramic views of Istanbul. In its beginnings, this structure had the function of a lighthouse; but with the passage of the empires and their rulers it was used to monitor the Bosphorus from that height, until it is currently a tourist attraction.

The Galata Tower has 61 meters; Despite not being very tall, its architecture and shape is what attracts the most. In the last of his 9 floors you will find a restaurant; perfect to have a beautiful evening and appreciate the beauty of the city. To go up you can use an elevator that will take you to the 7th floor and from there take the stairs to the top.

In addition, to access it from the city, we recommend taking the Tünel funicular from the Galata Bridge; which connects the lower urban areas of Istanbul with the higher areas. This transport is the second-oldest mode of transport in the world; so it also has a story to tell.

Taksim Square

And if you want to visit one of the squares and environments with the most modern and urban air of Istanbul, you must go yes or yes to Taksim Square. In its surroundings you will find shops and commercial premises, bars and nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, etc. This is one of the most famous meeting points for tourists and natives.

Istiklal Caddesi Avenue or Independence Avenue is the one that begins this square. This avenue is very famous and busy, and you can cross it on foot or by tram. Either way will leave you with beautiful memories and great photos.

Istanbul has a myriad of other tourist spots that you are sure to love. We hope this article is useful for you to choose your next destination and enjoy knowing the beautiful world in which we live.

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