The best guide for your visit to the Lakes of Covadonga

Asturias has beautiful places to visit and we offer you the best guide to enjoy a charming place: the Lakes of Covadonga. These lakes of icy origin, known as Enol and Ercina, are part of the Picos de Europa National Park. In addition, near the lakes is the temporary lagoon known as Bricial, which can be enjoyed when the thaw arrives.

The lakes of Covadonga are highly visited by tourists, so follow our suggestions and you will be successful in your recreational plans. Now, you know the best places to visit in the Covadonga Lakes, because traveling can be easy and comfortable.

To make the most of this beautiful summer walk, we suggest you do the full route following the circular route; which is duly signposted and measures approximately 6.5 kilometers. This tour can be done completely and quietly in approximately 3 hours and is ideal if you go as a family.

Likewise, remember that at the Mirador Entrelagos you will be able to visualize and capture the best pictures of the place; a beautiful space with postcard views, very popular and emblematic. So, visualize with us your next destination and take advantage of all the renewing energy that emanates from the lakes of Covadonga.

The Enol Lake

This beautiful lake is located about 1030 meters above sea level and is supplied by various tributaries; also from springs located inside. Therefore, this serene lake maintains a depth of approximately 24 meters.

In addition, with the exception of the autumn season, the waters of Lake Enol show three-scale thermal stratification. The first is the hottest, with little variation in temperature and with the lowest density; the intermediate one with the highest density and whose temperature varies rapidly in its descent. And the last one, already in the innermost and deepest area, with very dense and cold waters.

In the clean and beautiful emerald waters of Lake Enol you can see rainbow trout, minnows and perhaps you will come across a crayfish. Also, the local tradition delights canoeing enthusiasts with its well-known competition events.

The landscape of the place is complemented by a beautiful meadow, some stone houses with a cozy aspect. And if you go as a family, the kids will be delighted to feel super free to play, run and have fun in a natural area whose ecosystem purifies our body and also our spirit.

On the banks of the Enol you can see the municipal shelter and the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, which is a small hermitage. And from its shores you can enjoy the view of the Brisal peak. Even in times of freshness your happy and funny mind will surely appreciate the presence of shepherds; fulfilling full task with their animals and you will enjoy their local customs.

Entrelados viewpoint

Before reaching Ercina, you have to make a mandatory stop to capture such a beautiful natural image. And it is that, already in the viewpoint we delight ourselves with an impressive local view; an amazing mountain guarded on your right and left by two beautiful lakes. Likewise, you can visit the Buferrera mines, observe the top of Peña Santa de Enol, in spring view the Bricial lagoon and also the Palomberu.

Lake Ercina

Following the journey to Lake Ercina you will frequently find cows and goats feeding and frolicking in these beautiful and fresh lands. Already reaching approximately 1100 meters in height, we find Lake Ercina, smaller and shallower than Enol.

However, it has its own charm, because in the winter time we can delight in contemplating it frozen and its large meadow is really charming. This place in summer invites you to rest, enjoy the landscape with more pause, have a picnic and have a drink at the bar located on the shores of this beautiful lake.

Enjoy your visit to the lakes of Covadonga to the fullest

As we hope you enjoy giving your visit to the Lakes of Covadonga, we will give you several suggestions so that your trip is just as you dream it.

  • We recommend visiting the Lakes of Covadonga in less crowded times.
  • Something very important is to check in advance if there are parking restrictions, which are frequent on fixed dates of the year. This will allow you to plan if you can visit the lakes by car or you will have to park somewhere nearby such as Cangas Centro P1, Muñigo P3 or another preferably and get around on foot. You can also use public transport after purchasing the ticket, which allows you to get on and off the bus as much as you need, throughout the day.
  • Keep in mind that even in summer the weather is super changeable in Asturias; For this reason, bring a coat and a raincoat for any unforeseen event. And remember that the fog does its thing and may prevent you from getting your perfect memory of the visit.
  • If you want to stay near the lakes to fully enjoy the tour Arid, to breathe calmly and think slowly, the location of Cangas de Onís, with its dreamy rural houses, is one of the best in the area to rest.
  • Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes for the tour is the most appropriate to enjoy the experience.
  • Nature gives us everything we need to enjoy life. Therefore, avoiding interfering in any way with the animal environment is the best thing we can do to thank you. In addition, animals have a special diet that keeps them healthy, it is not a good idea to feed them on our own.
  • And avoid going off the trails because they keep you and yours safe.

If you visit the lakes as a family, it is wise to give the children clear and simple information about what to do and what not to do during the visit to the Lakes of Covadonga. Remember that it is normal for youngsters to be distracted frequently and often ignore the warning signs; it is important to maintain good supervision over them to enjoy the visit to the maximum.

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