The 10 most impressive natural paradises in the world

Nature has a way of captivating us; it leaves us in awe and admiration, just as quickly as it relaxes and inspires us. So, let yourself be amazed by the 10 most impressive natural paradises in the world; they will surely encourage you to plan your next trip. Choose from towering mountains, stunning cliffs, large lakes, valleys, parks and glaciers; all great spaces with plenty of wildlife. 

It’s up to you to choose to enjoy life more. And we make your choice easier by detailing the 10 most impressive natural paradises in the world; without delay, here we go.

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

If you are a lover of nature, hiking and seabird watching, visiting the Cliffs of Moher in the region of “The Burren” will make you happy. These beautiful geological slopes exhibit a spectacular view at 210 meters high. In addition, from April to July you can spot the cute puffins all over the area. Also, enjoy and capture unique moments from its various viewpoints, the O’Brien Tower being the most popular.

Loch Ness and the Highlands, Scotland

The highlands of Scotland exhibit amazing places thanks to its changing landscape. Take a leisurely stroll through its beautiful scenery and visit emblematic sites such as the peaceful Lubnaig Lake. Or Rannoch Moor, considered one of the largest untamed wilderness areas in Europe. You can admire the Glen Coe Valley, a beautiful volcanic caldera sculpted by glaciers and adorned with an enigmatic beauty.

And of course there is more to see in this beautiful Scottish area. Admire the famous Loch Ness and enjoy its cruise tour, transit Fort William and enjoy the local gastronomy in Fort Augustus. Learn about the workings of the Caledonian Canal and marvel at the view from Urquhart Castle. Also, stroll through Invernes, a capital with a very medieval air and taste the traditional Scottish beer in Dunkeld, you will surely love it all.

Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains, Poland

On the border with Slovenia there is one of the most impressive natural paradises in the world: the Tatra Mountains, located at the highest point of the Carpathian Mountain Range; a National Park protected by Unesco where snow-capped peaks, lakes and crystal clear waterfalls abound. In addition, it goes through Zakopane, considered the capital of winter and beautified with wooden chalets and arrives by funicular to Gubalowka and Kasprowy Wierch. 

The Grand Canyon in Colorado, USA

This majestic natural rock formation of reddish hue is full of cliffs, narrow places and a great depth that impacts. And to admire it in its maximum expression you have to get to the amazing Skywalk viewpoint about 1,300 meters high; there enjoy a beautiful sunset. We assure you that if you dare to visit it, it will be an experience you will never forget. 

In addition, the Grand Canyon can be admired on an incredible helicopter flight or bus tour. Some of the coolest things to do in this breathtaking natural paradise include hiking, hanging out with the native Hualapai tribe, going up to the Hoover Dam and rafting on the Colorado River.

The Enchanted City of Cuenca, Spain

This natural and impressive paradise was declared a Natural Site of National Interest in 1929. The enchanted city in Cuenca attracts greatly for its curious formations; patiently created by the erosion of the water on the limestone rocks, giving rise to very peculiar figures such as the turtle, the dog, the bear, the seal and all those that your eyes and imagination can perceive. Enjoy the scenery, the source of the Cuervo River and the delicious local food.

Danube and Wachau Valleys, Austria

In the Austrian countryside, one of the most stunning natural paradises in the world awaits you. The spectacular views from Dürnstein Castle and the Benedictine church in Melk are the most sought-after. Visit in summer and take advantage of the boat tour on the Danube; you will be enraptured by the beautiful hues of the beautiful Austrian countryside. And there is more, have fun hiking and get to know the wine route in the Wachau Valley.

Ouzoud waterfalls, Morocco

In the north of Africa, specifically 150 km from Marrakech is Tanaghmeilt; there you can enjoy the most impressive waterfalls of the place, known as the Ouzoud waterfalls. Full of vegetation, wildlife such as monkeys and cold, invigorating and very clean waters, which appease the heat of intrepid souls. Also, enjoy the tasty local gastronomy admiring the wonderful views in the nearby restaurants.

Everglades, in the United States

If you are planning a trip to Miami, tour the Everglades National Park on a hovercraft. This swampy, grassy place is a vast, wild expanse of some 6,000km. If you choose to tour the Everglades you might spot the nearly extinct leatherback turtle, the beautiful and stealthy Florida panther and even a fearless alligator. It is safer to come across a curious Caribbean manatee or the typical birds of the place.

The Perito Moreno Glacier, in Argentina 

This imposing glacier is the most famous in the world, and you have to enjoy its journey if your next destination is Calafate. The Perito Moreno Glacier is located in the Glacier National Park about 80km from the nearest city. You can admire it from the various walkways located throughout the park; you can also tour its shores by boat. In this impressive icy landscape you realize the strength, the sublime and the immensity of nature. 

Yosemite, in the United States

This natural paradise is the most famous National Park in the United States and one of the most impressive in the world. Yosemite is a forest filled with the tallest and longest-lived trees in the world: the soothing giant sequoias. It is also home to Yosemite Falls, the highest waterfall in North America, and the Bridalveil Falls with wonderful views. In addition, if you want to see granite cliffs, take a trip to El Capitan and the Half Dome.

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