The 10 most beautiful streets in Spain

Streets have the power to embellish or detract from the impression we get of an area or country. That is why Spain exhibits very beautiful cities and towns because its streets are beautiful; there are spacious and short streets, others are more quiet or super lively. Some are the most expensive streets of the country and others are small narrow streets with modern buildings. Today we will virtually tour the 10 most beautiful streets of Spain, join us and enjoy.

La Calle Mayor, Madrid

Located in the heart of Madrid, Calle Mayor is one of the largest and most original streets of the Spanish capital. Thanks to it we connect the Puerta del Sol with the Cuesta de la Vega; in addition, in its kilometer of length are preserved more than 6 centuries of valuable history. Walking along the Calle Mayor you can admire majestic monuments such as buildings, stores, palaces and squares, which are witnesses of great events and changes in the country.

Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona

With its boulevard design, it is considered one of the main and most famous streets in Barcelona; and the third most expensive shopping street in Spain. A street full of architecture where modern buildings that have been declared a World Heritage Site stand out. The privileged location of this beautiful Spanish street makes it ideal to enjoy national and international tourism every year. 

It is even the ideal showcase to find the best brands in the world; exclusivity and luxury design are exhibited in these stores. Prada, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Stella McCartney are just some of the best brands you will find in Paseo de Gracia.

Calleja de las Flores, Cordova 

Chosen as one of the most beautiful streets in Spain, the Calleja de las Flores is an extremely narrow, blind and pedestrian street that ends in a beautiful little square. Locals and visitors alike are seduced by the houses and buildings with their crisp white facades, while pretty multicolored flowers adorn the walls. 

Now, at the end of the Calleja de las Flores is located the famous bell tower of the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordova, whose image inspires photographic interest in its visitors. And if you want to capture a dreamy image, walk along this beautiful street at sunset; you will see how the light completely illuminates the imposing tower.

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La Rúa do Vilar, Santiago de Compostela

In the heart of the historic center of Santiago, a narrow street called La Rúa do Vilar is open to curiosity; which shares views with the Cathedral of the same name. In this beautiful street you can do cultural tourism among its mansions, institutes and art galleries; with Renaissance, Baroque and neoclassical styles. The highlight of the place are the elegant sheds that protect locals and visitors from the typical rain that more than once gives life to Galicia. 

Betis Street, Seville

One of the most colorful streets in Spain and there is no doubt, as it is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir. Betis Street immortalizes the exclusive essence of Triana and from it proudly displays a very special landscape. In front of this beautiful street, you can see the Paseo Colon, the Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza, the Giralda, the Torre del Oro and more. On the other hand, several bars and restaurants are worthy of tasting tapas based on fresh fish and seafood.

Did you know that Betis was the name given to the Guadalquivir River in Roman times? Also, from the center of Seville you can reach this beautiful Spanish street by crossing the Triana Bridge or the San Telmo Bridge.

Calle de la Compañía, Salamanca

With its medieval appearance, this beautiful pedestrian street is located in the community of Castilla y León. And it has been an inspiring setting for several films, making it a place of interest for students and tourists. The street of the Company joins the Palace of Monterrey with the Pontifical University of Salamanca. Along the way you will find important buildings such as churches, convents and palaces of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance styles.

San Agustín Street, San Cristóbal de La Laguna

San Agustín Street takes us back to the past, since its longitudinal profile has not been altered. It even preserves the ancient beauty that is worthily exhibited in the facades of palaces and beautifully colored buildings. These buildings date back to the XVII and XVIII centuries and evoke a remote time of harvest and abundant agricultural trade. Today, most of these picturesque buildings are government headquarters and historical museums. 

Passage of Lodares, Albacete

In Albacete there is a passageway full of commercial and residential buildings with modernist design that evokes Italian galleries; among them the exclusive and famous Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery located in Milan. The Lodares passage is covered by a huge and beautiful skylight of glass and iron arches that unifies the Calle del Tinte with the Calle Mayor. The charm of the place lies in its beautiful design.

Paseo de los Tristes, Granada

This promenade crosses the Darro River. It has a romantic stamp and offers very beautiful views of the sunset; the environment is well maintained and that is why it is one of the 10 most beautiful streets in Spain. Its peculiar nickname is due to the fact that the funeral processions used to make their way to the cemetery at the top. In this walk are preserved in good condition some bridges and fountains of Arab origin that will leave you a nice memory.

Alfonso I Street, Zaragoza

This beautiful Spanish street is located in the heart of the city and has survived several aesthetic and functional changes that have been a success. The atmosphere in Alfonso I Street is elegant, constant, full of day and night life, since it is a place where stores converge in abundance. It is considered a place that maintains its historical splendor without renouncing practicality. 

Currently, commercial franchises are the businesses that abound in this beautiful street with a royal past.

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