New destination: Malta, the specialised website on luxury trips and tours around the most important cities in the world has widen its range of products with two new destinations, Valleta and Mdina, both of them on Malta. That way, our customers can enjoy the Mediterranean charm of one of the most historical places in Europe, in the comfort of our top equipment vehicles and provided with the knowledge of the most expert guides.

2018 saw Malta’s capital city of Valletta becoming the European Capital of Culture. In addition to the varied attractions the city offers, more have been newly added as part of the Capital of Culture and will remain for coming years. With an intense history behind it, the whole city is listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site. Here are just 10 of the best things to see and do in one of Europe’s smallest capital cities.

A trip back to your childhood is offered by the Toy Museum, opened in 1998 by founder Vincent Brown. Vincent’s passion for preserving old toys started when he decided to keep a box of toys a friend was throwing away. The toys were not up to present health and safety standards, so instead of giving them to his own children as he had originally intended, Vincent restored them and started a collection of his own. His love for vintage toys grew rapidly, and after visiting a similar museum in England, he decided to open The Toy Museum in Valletta.

Opened as recently as 2016, the Postal Museum marks the pinnacle points in Maltese history of the importance of the postal system, particularly due to Malta’s strategic position during wartime. Suitable for the whole family, the museum has an interactive children’s area accompanied by educational materials and activities. Areas within the gallery are also allocated to temporary exhibitions, showcasing a wide range of art all year round.

One of the most typical celebrations in the first term of every year, in February or March, is the Carnival. Besides the best-known ones such as the ones in Cádiz or Venice, Valletta is the home to the grandest of the island’s carnivals taking place over four days. The capital comes even more to life as streets are taken over with colourful parade floats, fancy dress, street performers, dancers and marching bands.

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