Most popular U.S. attractions

The U.S. has many attractive places to visit. However, being such a big country, we may not know where to start; moreover, not everyone is attracted to the same places to visit and see. 

There is a digital platform called Musement that was launched in 2013 based in Italy, specifically in Milan, which is dedicated to researching the most important activities in different places around the world such as museums, artistic events, shows, among others. This service initially focused on the European continent, but over time it has expanded to all parts of the globe.

So, this company has compiled a list of the most popular attractions in the American country. For this purpose, a sample of 5000 places was taken from all over this nation, and then the results received through Google for each one of them were analyzed; thus, the most attractive and popular places in that country, by state, were obtained. 

They were based on 7 categories and their result was that there are 3 most popular historical places and museums; likewise, 16 parks to share outdoor experiences, also 9 theme parks plus amusement parks, followed by 8 most liked zoos and aquariums, 5 entertainment and show places, to finish with 2 most attractive monuments and memorials of this nation.

Next, this article has taken 1 of the most attractive and popular places in each of these 7 categories according to the results obtained by this report of the Musement agency for each of the states of the North American country.

Among the historical sites and museums are located:

In Michigan, The Henry Ford Museum: 

This museum is known by several names, such as “Edison Institute”, “Greenfield Village” and also as “Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation”. It is really a group of 3 history museums, displaying elements both inside and outside of the site, as well as being a Michigan National Historic Landmark. You can travel back to the 19th century to remember the life of Greenfield Village.

In the museum you can also observe elements such as Abraham Lincoln’s chair from Ford’s Theater, President John Kennedy’s limousine, Thomas Edison’s laboratory, the Rosa Parks bus, the Wright Brothers’ bicycle store, among others. Toward the back of the museum there are also houses and some machinery, as well as memorabilia from America’s early years.

Among the park sites and outdoor experiences are located:

In Montana, Glacier National Park:

This park is located at the Rocky Mountain level, bordering the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta in Canada. It is actually formed by 2 systems, which include some 25 glaciers of thousands of years ago, 762 lakes, in addition to 175 mountains, to receive thousands of tourists. 

There are 4101 square kilometers, and within these is the “crown of ecosystems of the continent”, which is a protected area; the heart of the park is divided by the Going-to-the-Sun highway. 

In the summer season there is fishing, paddling, cycling and, of course, hiking and camping. In the winter, ice climbing and skiing are popular on the slopes. There is a great variety of wildlife, especially grizzly bears and white goats.

Among the amusement and theme parks are located:

In California, the Disneyland Park:

In Spanish it is Disneyland, which first opened its doors in 1955, and it is from 1990 that it has been given the name of Disneyland Park. It is a theme park and the first one designed, built and supervised by filmmaker Walt Disney, under The Walt Disney Company. 

Its great success was to have divided the park by thematic areas, which was very novel for that time, and it also incorporated robots with audio and animation in some of its attractions; besides the first roller coaster, which was built in tubular steel. Later, the producer and filmmaker built other parks in other parts of the country and abroad. 

Among the zoos and aquariums are located:

In Kansas, The Sedgwick County Zoo:

This zoo was founded in 1971 with the support of the Sedgwich County Zoological Society and covers 202 acres. It houses wildlife animals and today is well known both nationally and internationally.

It has both the breeding programs for endangered and rare species and the conservation program for the same. It is said that it has more or less 3 thousand animals of about 400 different varieties of species. It is considered today the number 1 tourist attraction in the state. 

Among the entertainment activities and shows is located:

In Kentucky, the Ark Encounter:

We are talking about the representation of Noah’s Ark, a life-size replica as narrated in the Bible, in order to face the Universal Flood narrated in Genesis. This activity was inaugurated exactly in 2016 in Williamstown, in the city of Kentucky. 

It is an educational journey to learn all the history that happened, because an event as important as this should not be forgotten; it is our ancestral ancestor. It is a museum where you will learn all about the animals that entered, how they survived and all kinds of details on the subject. 

Likewise, they will talk about the wooden construction of this spectacular ship; precise stories about this structure that at that time was considered the largest on the planet. An important detail is that children under 10 years old can enter free of charge. 

Among the shopping malls and markets is located:

In South Carolina, the Broadway at The Beach:

The Broadway at the Beach is a place with an extension of about 350 acres; an entertainment and shopping center, the most colorful, enjoyable and relaxing experience of your life. Welcome to this exciting world, to enjoy the boutiques and stores of recognized brands at all levels.

It is the most popular destination for tourists in Myrtle Beach, as it has an excellent location. It also has ample parking for your car. Likewise, it has a series of activities that include all ages, both during the day and at night. Children can enjoy activities such as, for example, crossing the lake on a zip line, or walking in a labyrinth of many mirrors, among many others.

Among the monuments and memorials are located:

In South Dakota, Mount Rushmore:

This monument is a set of sculptures that were carved between the years 1927 and 1941, at the level of the mountain in Keystone of South Dakota; it has an extension of 5.17 square kilometers. The sculptures represent the faces of the U.S. presidents who are considered the most important of the country.

Among them are Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and George Washington, with a height of 18 m each. Their sculptor was Gutzon Borglum, of Danish-American origin, and his son Lincoln Borglum. For these sculptures, some 400 workers had to be brought in to help with the work, and 450,000 tons of granite rock had to be dynamited. 

The place receives year after year the visit of millions of tourists, who come from different parts of the planet; since it is a monument that represents the freedom and democracy of the American people.

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