Librería de Pimiango, where Dishes are Paired with Books

Welcome to a new adventure of discovery, where the rich tradition of Asturias intertwines with literature in an enchanting corner: the Pimiango Bookshop. On our journey through the beautiful Asturian region, we immerse ourselves in a unique experience where dishes are paired with books, creating an atmosphere that will delight both lovers of good food and devotees of good reading. Check out our private tours here! 

Located in the idyllic village of Pimiango, this bookshop stands as a cultural beacon amidst the natural beauty of Asturias. Its shelves overflow with a carefully curated selection of literary works ranging from the classics to the latest releases, providing a fully immersive experience for knowledge-hungry visitors.

Pimiango: A Cultural Refuge in the Heart of Asturias

But what makes the Pimiango Bookshop so special? The answer lies in its innovative approach to fusing literature with local gastronomy. On entering this sanctuary of letters, visitors are greeted by an irresistible aroma of traditional Asturian dishes that invite you to delight your palate. The corner of Asturias where dishes are paired with books becomes a space where the senses intertwine in a harmonious dance.

From Books to the Table: The Magic of Pairing Words and Flavours

Imagine immersing yourself in the pages of a classic while enjoying a plate of Asturian fabada, or letting yourself be carried away by the vibrant contemporary stories accompanied by a glass of Asturian cider. The Pimiango Bookshop not only offers a reading experience, but creates a welcoming atmosphere where literature and gastronomy merge to form unforgettable memories.

The owners of this cultural oasis have achieved a perfect balance between the literary offer and the culinary experience. The restaurant’s carefully designed menu features a variety of dishes that reflect the authenticity of Asturian cuisine. From the comforting essence of fish soup to the sophistication of Asturian veal, each bite tells a story that perfectly complements the narrative of the books that surround the place.

Between Shelves and Plates: The Perfect Balance

Not just a bookshop, not just a restaurant; Librería de Pimiango is a sanctuary for those seeking a complete experience, where literature and gastronomy converge in a sensory journey. Who would have thought that leafing through the pages of a book and savouring the richness of the local cuisine could be such harmoniously complementary activities?

Beyond Reading: Cultural Events in Pimiango

In addition to its literary and culinary offerings, the Librería de Pimiango also stands out as a vibrant cultural space. Regular events, such as readings by local authors, book presentations and Asturian wine tastings, make this place a meeting point for the local and international community. It is a cultural beacon that illuminates the literary and gastronomic scene in Asturias.

In conclusion, the Pimiango Bookshop is much more than a tourist destination; it is a unique experience that celebrates the richness of Asturias on every page and in every dish. We invite all lovers of culture, literature and good food to immerse themselves in this magical corner of Asturias, where dishes are paired with books and each visit becomes an unforgettable chapter in the book of their travelling memories. Welcome to a world where the magic of literature meets the authentic flavour of Asturias!

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