If you visit Saint Petersburg, you cannot miss this

If summer inspires you to travel and you want to know a city built in a way worthy of emperors, make sure to visit Saint Petersburg. That, with its opulence, its great cultural power, its palaces full of valuable artistic objects, its beautiful monuments and its historical wealth, it claims to be one of the most beautiful metropolises in the world. And if you visit Saint Petersburg you cannot miss these magnificent places that we detail for you.

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

This construction impresses with its five copper-covered domes and its striking hues that seem to come out of the most beautiful fairy tale. This historical monument is located on the banks of the Griboedova canal, which guarantees a beautiful view; It is also very close to the State Russian Museum. Now, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood has in its history, as it was built on the site where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated.

The Winter Palace Square

One of the largest in the world and a focal point for all who visit Saint Petersburg. In its center the column in honor of Tsar Alexander I and further north the former residence of the Tsars and inside which is located the Hermitage Museum. To the south of the square is the impressive headquarters of the General Staff, with its dreamy double arch that harmonizes and unites the entire building.

State Hermitage Museum

This museum, which was once the residence of the tsars, has allowed the conservation and exhibition of valuable artistic collections. Catherine the Great ordered the spaces of the Winter Palace to be enlarged to display her exclusive collection. Today more than three million of these and other valuable objects are kept in this museum, some of which are exhibited in multiple rooms; such as works by Da Vinci, El Greco, Rubens, Tintorero, Titiano and Caravaggio.

And since this museum is colossal and is considered the third largest in the world, we suggest you take a guided tour with an expert. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible for you to appreciate the most important thing that this magical and historically impressive place offers you. And remember that to capture a glamorous view of the palace in all its splendor, the night will be your accomplice, as it is beautifully lit.

The drawbridges of St. Petersburg

There are so many impressive works of engineering and architecture that you can admire in the amazing, ancient and at the same time innovative Saint Petersburg. And the best way to appreciate all the beauty and design of these drawbridges is by taking a night boat ride on the Neva River. And come on, you have to choose between the Hermitage Bridge, the Anichkov Bridge, the Palace Bridge and many others.

In addition, take into account that in the spring and summer times an extremely spectacular phenomenon occurs, which gives a romantic and enigmatic air to the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg: the white nights. This is an atmospheric phenomenon where the day does not seem to end and the hours of darkness are few. This offers the unique opportunity to contemplate the beauty of this wonderful Russian environment without rushing, taking advantage of the fact that the city does not sleep.

Catherine the Great Palace

This palace makes a great impression and is an essential visit if you are in Saint Petersburg; and of course it is worth going a little further, south, to Pushkin to fully admire it. An extremely luxurious building, with a dazzling main room, an impressive and huge ballroom, next to the amazing Amber room. In addition to several dining rooms and its beautiful and well-kept gardens. It is now regally rebuilt and open to visitors.

The Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

An Orthodox temple located on the beautiful island of Záyachi and protected by a great wall. This fortress is the pantheon of Tsar Peter the Great, the Romanov family and the last Russian sovereign Nicholas II and his family. In the past it was a prison for political prisoners and today it is an open-air museum; inside which perennial and transitory exhibitions are exhibited. Its beautiful and exclusive views seduce, where in winter you can see a frozen Neva river.

Theater, dance and Ballet

Russian culture is closely linked to theater, dance, and ballet; and the Plaza Teatral is the center of cultural life in the city. Among the most important theaters are the Mariinsky, in homage to the wife of Alexander II, the Empress Maria Fedorovna, the Musorgsky theater and the Mikhailovsky. And for those who love ballet, in the Hermitage museum you will find more than one presentation and in the Nicolaevsky Palace the typical dances are frequent.

What to taste in Saint Petersburg

Knowing the culture and people of a country is easier if you appreciate and savor its national cuisine and also the local one. Now that is not so comfortable in St. Petersburg due to the language barrier; the good thing is that the so-called bIstrós are an excellent option, since they exhibit tastings and the universal language of the finger signal is infallible.

So, we encourage you to try the most emblematic dishes of Saint Petersburg, such as the delicious and famous borsch; a rich and versatile beetroot soup, as it is enjoyed hot in winter and cold in summer. Also the creamy and delicious Oliver salad, which includes potato chips, carrots, boiled egg, chicken cubes, mayonnaise, parsley and which, curiously, in the world is known as Russian salad.

Or the Beef Strogonoff, which combines strips of beef tenderloin sautéed with sour cream. Also, the blinis with caviar; some small canapés that are accompanied with various luxurious ingredients that manage to pamper the finest palates. And of course, all accompanied by an excellent drink such as premium quality traditional St. Petersburg vodka; Made from Russian durum wheat and pure water.

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