Guide to Dubai 2022

The United Arab Emirates is made up of 7 emirates, and Dubai is one of them. It is located in the Arabian desert, but on the coast of the Persian Gulf. It is a city that today is known for its ultramodern architecture, commerce, tourism and lively life at any time; a very modern metropolis that you can not miss on your next trip.

It has beautiful buildings with very particular infrastructures, such as large hotels of remarkable elegance and luxury, in addition to its ports and artificial islands, such as the islands of the World and the Palm, where some housing complexes are located, in addition to the variety of attractions of all kinds and for all ages, despite being in a desert environment.

Its culture has a great influence of Islam, the Bedouin or nomadic society of the desert and also Arabic, reflected in the way of dressing, gastronomy, art, literature and, of course, in the rules of etiquette. There are many places to visit inDubai; either in a private tour, by bus, by sea, among others. We will show you just a few of them.

Let’s talk a little about its history

The trade of pearls was the main activity of the first inhabitants of the area, trading them with different countries like India, China and Pakistan. By 1766 the British government took control of this trade at the Persian Gulf level for 2 centuries; that is to say, until the middle of the XX century.

Then, in 1960 they discovered oil and this brought about a significant change in both their administration and their economy. They then formed the United Arab Emirates in the following decade, thus ending their dependence on the British and achieving their independence. 

However, after the oil boom, its main income comes from construction, financial services (i.e., entities, banks or institutions that offer financing through loans, either to companies or individuals), trade and tourism, especially for shopping in the emirate.

 How can we get to know the tourist sites:

  • Tour with the Big Bus Dubai: we are talking about knowing the city by means of a tour in a bus that has 2 floors, being the upper level in the open air; or, if you prefer, in the lower floor with air conditioning. These buses are very easy to take, as they leave to make the tour every 5 minutes or a maximum of 15; so the wait is very small.

This city has the advantage of being very well connected and the attractions, as well as the tourist sites, branch out from its main highway. So, the bus travels all along this route and connects all the beautiful sites; whether you wish to experience the conservative culture or the ultra-modern architecture. It also has the advantage that the city can be explored at the tourist’s chosen pace.

You can know 3 different routes, such as the City Tour, Marina Tour or Beach Tour, being able to design your particular itinerary, getting on and off at any of the 35 stops it makes; in addition, the guided stories are in 12 different languages. Some of these stops are Dubai Mall, the Burj Khalifa, Atlantis the Palm, Burj al Arab, Dubai Marina, among many others.

  • Discovering Dubai from the water is very interesting: another way to see some of the tourist sites in Dubai is from the sea. There is a provider of private boats that will take you around for an hour and a half, pointing out and explaining the different places such as Atlantis Palm, Dubai Marina, the Jumeirah Beach Residence, the Bluewater Island, Burj Al Arab, some royal palaces, among others.

The speed boats or inflatable motor boats is a tour that is done with these speedboats, which consists of 11 seats for passengers, but in a very safe way. Of course, when it is time to take pictures, they slow down and then continue their tour, mentioned above.

Some tourist sites in Dubai

  • The Burj Khalifa: formerly called Burj Dubai, this skyscraper is now called Burj Khalifa Bin Zayed, and was inaugurated in 2010. It is part of a complex both residential and commercial, which has an area of 2 square kilometers called “The Burj Dubai Center” and is strategically located, close to the 2 main avenues of the city. 

It is 828 meters high, has 186 floors, 57 elevators, 28,601 glass panels and a total weight of 500,000 tons, making it the tallest and most spectacular building in the world and, of course, in the city. It also has 2 observation decks, the first between the 124th and 125th floor called “At the top”, about 456 meters high. Here you will find an outdoor terrace and telescopes.

The other observation deck is located on the 148th floor and about 555 m high, called “At the top sky”. Here you can enjoy a guide, some free drinks and snacks; in addition to the spectacular panoramic views of the entire city, such as the synchronized water show of the Dubai Fountain, among others.

  • The Burj Al Arab: famous 7-star hotel and the most expensive in the world. It is shaped like a sail and offers 202 rooms, luxury suites with butler, all with panoramic views of the Persian Gulf. It is located on its artificial island, about 280 meters from Jumeirah, its beach. It has 9 exclusive and elegant restaurants, as well as spa and full service. 

The sand has been imported from Saudi Arabia, as it does not stick to the skin and has many healing properties. It has both a saltwater and freshwater swimming pool and, for the comfort of guests, a fleet of Rolls Royce cars. One important thing is that there is no admission to the hotel, unless you have a reservation, for example, in the restaurant.

  • Safari in the Dubai Desert: another attraction not to be missed is the adventure and excitement of a safari in the desert. To do so, you will be transported in luxurious Hummer H2 or Land Cruiser SUVs for this exciting ride over the rolling sand dunes. 

In addition, you have the opportunity to ride camels, as the Bedouins have always done in the desert. Another activity they have is to enjoy the gastronomy at the Sahara Desert Resort, where they offer buffet-style dishes but at 5-star level in this beautiful Arab fortification, in the middle of the desert. 

  • Aquaventure by Atlantis The Palm: this is a water park for those who like thrills and above all a lot of fun. We are talking about the extraordinary hotel The Palm, located in the center of the artificial island. It is very original because you can see sharks and other marine animals above you, thanks to the water tunnels that you can go through.

But, if you prefer a quieter atmosphere, then it also has its own private beach, where you can get that wonderful tan we all long for, with the rays of the sun.

  • The Aquarium at Atlantis The Palm, Lost Chambers: located in this same resort above we have the spectacular aquarium, an incredible marine world where you can observe seahorses, lobsters, rays, sharks, tropical fish and much more. It has been designed based on the lost civilization of Atlantis, with its shipwrecks and ruins; a beautiful wonder!!!!

There are more than 20 different exhibits in this aquarium located inside the Hotel Atlantis The Palm, divided by different themes and about 65,000 varieties of marine animals.

Other novel places in the city of Dubai:

  • Ski Dubai: we are talking about an indoor ski resort, and the largest in the region. This slope can be enjoyed by both experienced people and beginners, since it has 5 slopes; all of them with different slopes and difficulties.

It also has the chairlifts to transport the different skiers to the top. It has a Snow Park immediately adjacent for sledding; there are climbing towers and, of course, for the little ones, a cave to explore.

  • The Green Planet or Rainforest: we are talking about a tropical-style indoor jungle, that is, with exotic fauna and flora. It is recommended for the whole family and all ages to experience nature first hand. It really is a biological dome, with animals and plants completely alive.

An interior world with reptiles, sloths, colorful birds and more. This biological vault consists of 4 levels, such as the rainforest, the floor, the middle floor and the dome. In addition, each level educates you about the preservation and importance of this rainforest. It also has a cafeteria to rest or for a snack.

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