GoXo, Dabiz Muñoz’s first fast food (and haute cuisine) restaurant in Barcelona

As a result of the pandemic confinement, many businesses had to change the way they had been working, and the hospitality industry did not escape these changes. So, because of this, the renowned chef Dabiz Muñoz came up with the idea in Madrid, in the middle of the pandemic, to redefine fast food from the physical space of a restaurant.

So he thought he could open this space in the city of Barcelona, including the delivery format, which he called GoXo. It consists of bringing the same essence of haute cuisine to homes; for this, 2 of his chefs collaborate with this order at the kitchen level. Muñoz comments that if the client, for various circumstances cannot go to the restaurant, then they go to their homes.

In this way, diners can enjoy 1st level gastronomy, by means of delivery to their homes; a service that will be provided by the Glovo company. This is how it has been doing in Madrid, and at affordable prices for the consumer. The menu is also a protagonist in terms of drinks, with a proposal of wines and other beverages; thus completing the whole experience. 

The idea of a haute cuisine delivery for Barcelona is already working:

Shortly after Dabiz received the recognition for The Best Chef Awards 2021 or best chef in the world, he launched his new project in October of the same year; which became part of his gastronomic offer with DiverXO, StreeXO, the Foodtruck and now GoXo, in Barcelona. The latest adventure at the business level that seems to give good results.

Proposal available at the NH Constanza, where there is a place with 50 tables in a room and a large terrace. In addition, it will follow the same dynamics that all fast food chains have; where the customer places his order, then picks it up at the counter and, therefore, there are no waiters, the customer himself performs the entire process. Now, if you get space in the place and you want it, you sit down and eat it there; if not, you take it home.

If we want to order for delivery from home, then it is done through the Globo application, which we will explain later. As for the dishes or the menu, it will offer, for example, lasagna Mumbai, strawberries, jalapeno gazpacho, among others. 

Let’s talk a little more about the dishes on the menu at GoXo in Barcelona:

GoXo’s menu includes many different dishes, but there are some that are the main ones. Among them we have the Hong Kong Madrid stew, the green salad of gazpacho and jalapenos, lasagna Mumbai or tacos with smoked ribs; also the noodles with broth. Another of its famous products is the Pedroche Cristina cheesecake.

For example, the Hong Kong stew is a spectacle of sensations and flavors. It consists of chickpeas that have been dehydrated, but very crispy, some purple potatoes and dumplings or pieces of flour dough stuffed with chicken and accompanied by a black garlic aioli. Bathed all this in a stew soup, which is reduced for 2 days to obtain the essence of the bones of the hen and acorn-fed Iberian ham.

It also has the green salad of gazpacho and jalapeños, with a good combination of powerful, acidic, strong, but at the same time refreshing flavors of candied cherry tomatoes, with jalapeño gazpacho, green tomatillos, tobiko (which is widely used in Japanese cuisine, it is the roe of the flying fish) and edamame, which are the boiled soybean pods.

It also has the famous broth noodles with mussels, a delicacy that transports us directly to Malaysia, with a combination of coconut, coffee and piparras (a variety of paprika, a very typical Basque product). In addition to the good Galician mussels, a wonderful stew. 

Lasagna Mumbai, with lots of spices to the fullest, with slightly spicy touches, acidic and a slight sweetness at the end. We are talking about a béchamel sauce with coconut, cardamom, old beef, shitake tomato but pickled, plus a Parmesan gratin and pani puri on top, typical Indian bread, among other ingredients.

But it also has the buns or pani puri that are steamed and fried, perfect to accompany any of its dishes; it is a kind of crispy bread on the outside and spongy on the inside, with an impeccable appearance.

Among the desserts is the incredible cheesecake, which has a touch of Sichuan pepper, giving it a very original flavor and differentiating it from most of the traditional cheesecakes in the market. 

Finally, it is also important to mention their cocktails, which are placed in a cardboard-like bag, with the different ingredients, and then mixed in a glass bottle containing the alcoholic part, but infused. All very well thought out; in addition, they help to refresh the different flavors of all the dishes, a little strong, ranging from sweet, spicy, sour or smoked, among others.

What is the average price of a meal at GoXo?

Their prices are a little more expensive than any other delivery service, but it is worth it for its quality and quantity, as the portions are large. In addition, the presentation of the products, when they arrive home, is impeccable. For example, so that everything stays in place and does not move, they come in double bags.

The sauces do not spill because the containers prevent it. Likewise the broths, which come in well-sealed bottles. So, a dish at GoXo can have a maximum of 30€ in one of the main courses, which is quite reasonable for the quality, the workmanship of its elaboration and, of course, the way it is packaged when it arrives at our homes.

Smoked ribs, broth noodles with mussels and steamed and fried buns.

What steps must we follow to place an order with GoXo?

The delivery is attended thanks to the service offered by the company Glovo with its application and shipping, since Barcelona is a city of much reference for gastronomy. So, to place the order the first thing to do is to register, if you have not already done so, by downloading the Glovo app. 

Then we must wait for the corresponding time for the Glovo main screen to appear, which is usually between 12:45 in the morning and 19:45 at night. Then you will see a button called “haute cuisine”, then you will find another GoXO button programmed, or if there is availability there is also the GoXO button to receive at the moment. 

Now you select the menu and then confirm it. It is important that you follow GoXo on Instagram before ordering, to know the menu better, as these are changeable. Then, once you place the order, you must select the delivery time, as long as there is no delivery for that moment, which will be for the next day. 

On Saturdays and Sundays, i.e. weekends, the opening hours are from 12:30 to 16:00 and from 19:30 to 22:30 at night. On weekdays Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 19:30 to 22:30. But if there is availability for the moment you will receive your order in a few minutes. By the way, all the dishes have their indications to finish their preparation.

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