Father’s day plans in Madrid


This Saturday is Father’s day in Spain. We have put together a few cool and fun plans to do with your family on this special day. It is also a perfect gift for those who perfer a great memory forever!

We have set up 3 different types of plans: Cultural plans, Filling your belly plans, and the must game day!

Cultural Plans

Superhéroes con Ñ in the ABC Museum

This is perfect for your more “nerdy daddy”. This museum is the best option. You will be able to enjoy the best of the spanish artists that have been popular in the US. You can see Batman pages, Superman and much more!

museo abc

Alberto Garica-Alix in CSA Tabacalera

Great way to enjoy amazing photography from one of the most famous photographers in Spain. It is available to visit until April 10th.

La Central de Diseño de Matadero Madrid

Enjoy 100 pieces of design by portuguese artists. Great way to enjoy the history of the past 70 years.

RCR Arquitectes in the ICO Museum

Enjoy this arquitect museum where you can see expositions of the past 25 years.

Filling Your Belly Plans

Platea Seguro

Great multi-space gastronomical place where you can choose the best options made with eggs. You can also enjoy dancing to a great orquesta that usually specifies on the 30s.


Streetfood is back and this upcoming weekend you can enjoy it at the Casa De Campo of Madrid. You can enjoy many different food trucks and new inclusions where you can try different options. Great way to enjoy Father’s day.


MadrEat 2


Great place to be happily surprised and experience something different. It is a completely different and unique experience. Check it out if you want to be surprised on Father’s day!


The Must Game Day


Enjoy this field game with your father and family. Great way to make amazing memories with your dad!

Bowling Alley of Chamartin

Bowling is always a great option to laugh a lot and enjoy some team sports as well as a good competition with your rival. Bowling is a great option for this weekend!

bolera      bolera 2


This is a complete must if you want to enjoy a great rush this weekend! Feel like a F1 driver and enjoy this special day in this memorable way!

karts madrid

karts madrid 2

I am sure you can find an awesome plan to do this weekend with your dad and family!!



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