Europe’s largest playground (castle included) is in Leganés

The largest playground in Europe is located in the Spanish city of Leganés, in the Community of Madrid. It is a play and leisure area for children, where they can enjoy games, slides, swings, and many other attractions. Check out all our private tours in Leganés here! 

What does the biggest playground in Europe have to offer?

This playground is an ideal place for the little ones to enjoy a day of fun and entertainment with family or friends. In addition to the traditional games, the park has a wide variety of attractions and services that make it a unique space:

The castle: the castle is one of the main attractions of the park. It is an imposing and eye-catching structure that towers above the rest of the attractions. Children can play on its towers, ramps, suspension bridges and slides.

The ball pool: The ball pool is another of the park’s most popular attractions. Children can dive into a giant pool full of colorful balls and spend hours jumping, hiding and having fun.

The water play area: On hot days, children can cool off in the water play area, where there are water jets, fountains and other elements that allow them to play and get wet.

The picnic area: the park has a large picnic area, where families can enjoy a picnic and relax while the children play.

The bar and cafeteria: the park has a bar and cafeteria, where you can buy drinks, snacks and fast food.

The facilities for events: the park has facilities for children’s events, such as birthdays, communions or special celebrations.

What is the history of Europe’s largest playground?

The largest playground in Europe opened its doors in 2011, and since then it has become one of the main tourist attractions of Leganés and the Community of Madrid. The park was created by the Spanish company Lappset, which specialises in the manufacture of playgrounds and theme parks.

What is the size of the largest playground in Europe?

Europe’s largest playground has a surface area of more than 12,000 square metres, making it one of the largest playgrounds in the world. The park has more than 40 rides and attractions, divided into different themed areas.

What ages are suitable to visit Europe’s largest playground?

The playground is designed for children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. Each attraction has a level of difficulty and safety adapted to different ages, making it a safe and fun place for children to enjoy their free time.

What are the prices and opening hours of Europe’s largest playground?

The entrance fee to Europe’s largest playground is affordable and varies according to age and length of visit. The park is open every day of the year except 24, 25 and 31 December and 1 and 6 January. Opening hours vary depending on the time of year, so it is advisable to check the park’s official website before planning your visit.

Why visit Europe’s largest playground?

Europe’s largest playground is an ideal place for children to enjoy a day of fun and entertainment with family and friends. In addition to the traditional attractions, the park offers a wide variety of services and activities that make it a unique space. The park has modern and safe facilities, and is surrounded by nature and green areas, making it an ideal place to escape from the stress and routine of the city. In short, Europe’s largest playground is a must for any family visiting the Community of Madrid looking for a place where children can enjoy themselves and have fun.

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