Enjoy Spring at its best!

Spring is in the air and it’s time to live it to the fullest! With the Tour Travel & More team, we want to invite you to explore five great urban plans that will allow you to enjoy this season in a unique and exciting way. From flower-filled parks to vibrant cultural festivals, there’s something for all tastes and ages – get ready to immerse yourself in the joy of spring with these must-see destinations! Check out our private tours here.

Flowers in Full Splendour

Nothing says spring like a stroll among lush flowers and bright colours. Urban botanical gardens are true oases of natural beauty amidst the concrete jungle. On your next trip, don’t miss the opportunity to visit places like the Madrid Botanical Garden, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden or the Singapore Botanic Garden. Discover the diversity of floral species and learn about the importance of environmental conservation while marvelling at the majesty of nature at its finest.

Cultural Festivals

Spring is a time for celebration and urban cultural festivals are the best way to immerse yourself in the joy and diversity of the world. From music festivals to food and cultural events, cities come alive with a unique energy during this season. Don’t miss festivals like the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C., the Montreal International Jazz Festival or the Feria de Abril in Seville – enjoy music, art, food and joie de vivre at these events that celebrate life and creativity!

Picnics and Parks

What better way to enjoy spring than with a relaxing picnic in an urban park? Whether you’re in search of scenic views, greenery or outdoor activities, urban parks offer a haven of peace amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Plan a picnic day at Central Park in New York, Parque Güell in Barcelona or Parque Tanguá in Curitiba. Bring your favourite foods, a comfortable blanket and enjoy moments of tranquillity and connection with nature in these enchanting spaces.

Cultural and Architectural Tours

Spring is the perfect time to discover the cultural and historical richness of the cities through specialised tours. From architectural tours to guided visits to museums and historical sites, there is much to explore and learn. Consider tours such as the Louvre in Paris, the Roman Colosseum in Rome or the Prado Museum in Madrid. Immerse yourself in history, art and architecture as you discover the secrets and wonders each city has to offer.

With these five great urban plans, you’re ready to experience spring in an unforgettable way. At Tour Travel & More, we are committed to bringing you unique experiences that allow you to explore the world with joy and excitement. Get ready for a season full of colour, culture and memorable moments with us!

Don’t wait any longer and book your next trip with Tour Travel & More to experience spring like never before!

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