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If someone is thinking of visiting some cities in Europe and spending the money on all kinds of luxuries, it is clear that the cost of the trip will be high. In addition, the price of the ticket, medical insurance and other details are sometimes a bit expensive. But all travel has its cheaper side, and in Europe there are many cities that offer low-cost food, accommodation and activities.

This said, you can find cheap cities in several European countries, so that you can make the vacations that you want without spending so much. Therefore, below we will give you some suggestions of cities of the old continent that, in addition to being very beautiful and incredible, you can enjoy their history, culture and activities on a low budget.

Cities of countries in Southern or Southern Europe

Lisbon, capital of Portugal: city of many colors, welcoming and beautiful. It offers you accommodation in centrally located hotels, cheap food and enjoying the most famous Portuguese song in the world, called fado, which has its history in the 19th century. These shows can be heard in taverns and restaurants between the Alfama and Barrio Alto neighborhoods.

But they can also be found spontaneously at any place or time, walking around the city. In addition, you can enjoy art in relation to tiles, get to know the city on the tram, walk along the banks of the Tagus River or simply go to the famous district of Santa María de Belém to taste the cream cakes.

Seville, capital of Andalusia, in Spain: which has a strong influence of the Muslim or Moorish culture, left from medieval times, especially at the level of construction, ceramics and crafts. A City that perfectly combines culture and architecture. You can visit the Plaza de España, which is said to be the most beautiful in both the city and the country.

It has a semi-elliptical shape and is large in size. It is located in the María Luisa park and was built in 1914. You can also take a tour of the different tapas, to get to know some traditional and homemade specialties of its gastronomy; also visit the Santa Cruz neighborhood, which has been the most outstanding tourist spot in the city.

Naples, in Italy: we are talking about the city with the largest population in the south of the country, located on the Gulf of Naples. It is said to be very energetic and bustling, but with very important architecture and art; such as the Cathedral Di San Gennaro, the Royal Palace and the 13th century Castel Castle. Likewise, the historic center also includes the streets of Spaccanapoli, with buildings of churches and palaces.

The most interesting thing is that, through a straight and very long section, it divides the city into north and south. You can also know the Amalfi Coast, as well as the nearby islands of Ischia, Capri, Procida or some other place close to this metropolis. In addition, you cannot stop trying the famous pizzas and the best in Italy.

Cities of Northern or Northern European countries

Riga, capital of Latvia: a city with very modern architecture in most of the buildings, which in addition to being very attractive, is inexpensive. This new art called Art Nouveau was inspired by elements of nature; wavy lines, Roman, Greek mythology, among others. So, it is important to visit the district or neighborhood with the same name, to appreciate most of these constructions.

Similarly, in the historic center of Riga we find Vecriga or the oldest district of the city. In addition, it has cafés and bars with very good prices. There are also museums and churches with low cost tickets. Another point of interest is the Cathedral of the Nativity, an Orthodox temple during the Russian rule.

We end with the neighborhood of Kalnciema, where events are frequently organized for both children and the whole family of plays, exhibitions, concerts and different educational events.

Eastern European countries cities

Warsaw, capital of Poland: During World War II Warsaw was almost completely destroyed. However, it has risen from the ashes, becoming a very interesting city, where historic buildings are combined with gothic, neoclassical and new modern architecture. Today it offers us attractions such as palaces, museums, churches, parks and of course, the old part of the city.

In this part of the heart of Warsaw we can enjoy St. John’s Cathedral, Rynek Starego Miasta Square, the Royal Castle, Piwna Street, among others. Also, the beautiful Lazienki Park, with its 16th century baroque style. In short, there are many places to visit and always at a very low cost.

Western European countries cities

Dresden, state of Saxony in Germany: towards the east of Germany, we find the city of Dresden, which has also been rebuilt after the 2nd World War. One of the cheapest cities on the European continent; full of a lot of art and history. You can start to get to know the historic center of the city where it is located, its most important heritage.

On Neumarkt square is the Frauenkirche church, in the baroque style, with its beautiful dome from where you get excellent views of Dresden and the Elbe river. If you like, you can go to the 18th century Zwinger Palace complex with its baroque style and enjoy its different museums. Another option is to visit the Royal Palace, which has a lot of art and where the Treasury Museum and the famous Green Vault are located.

From its viewpoint you can find the headquarters of the Saxon Opera building dating from 1878 and the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity of Catholic origin. Another important point is the Brühl terrace, which adjoins the historic center of the city, located on the old wall and which runs for about 500 m along the banks of the Elbe river; between the Carolabrücke bridge and the Augustus.

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