10 things to see and do in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its good standard of living, its linguistic diversity and its wonderful dreamy landscapes. Sure, we’ve all heard of the beauty of the Swiss Alps, and many of us revel in Heidi and her beloved mountains. And it’s true that Switzerland is a small country, but it makes up for it with a multicultural charm mixed with a Romanesque, Gothic and avant-garde stamp. Today you know 10 things to see and do in Switzerland.

German, French, Italian and Romansh, a national language in full recovery, are spoken in Switzerland. In addition, among the foreign languages most studied and spoken are English, Portuguese, Serbian, Croatian, Albanian and Spanish, which is quite widespread. However, like any other country in the world, Switzerland has its limitations, among them a high cost. However, security, medical and nutritional access and basic education are guaranteed. 

10 things to know and discover in Switzerland

If you love exclusivity and avoid crowds, the best time to visit beautiful Switzerland is in autumn. The autumn hues that unfold in the countryside of this beautiful nation will allow you to experience unforgettable experiences, customs, events and traditions. We simplify your life by detailing 10 things you must see and do in Switzerland before the end of 2021.

Travel the breathtaking Alps by train

If you’ve dreamed of traveling by train and reveling in breathtaking scenery, unforgettable views and inspiring, romantic moments, a ride through the Swiss Alps aboard the Bernina Express will give you all that and more. 

The ride starts at Coira station and ends at the Italian station of Tirano, located 160km from Milan. Stunning journey, isn’t it? And its way in between is amazing because the Bernina crosses the Brusio Bridge, passes through Bernina and the charming Engadina Valley. On this trip you can admire the natural beauty of the lakes Lej Pistchen, Lej Nair, Lej Bianco and even walk along the famous summit of the world, the beautiful St. Moritz route. 

Si has soñado con viajar en tren y deleitarte con paisajes asombrosos, vistas inolvidables y momentos románticos e inspiradores, pasear por los Alpes suizos a bordo del Bernina Express te dará todo eso y más. 

Cross the Kapellbrücke bridge in medieval Lucerne.

Lucerne is a very visited region in Switzerland and is located on the shores of Lake Lucerne, at the foot of the Pilatus Mountains, a fascinating place. In this locality is located the Kapellbrücke, a very old bridge that is roofed in wood; a magical point to cross the Reuss River. Another curious place to visit is the Wasserturm tower, with its special octagonal shape. And if you visit Lucerne capture the view of an idyllic and exclusive sunrise or sunset. y se ubica a orillas del lago de los Cuatro Cantones; a los pies de los Montes Pilatus, un lugar fascinante. 

Observing the Rhine River Falls

These amazing waterfalls are among the largest in Europe and are located between Zurich and Schaffhausen. These beautiful and impressive waterfalls are 23 meters high and 150 meters wide; a visual and sonorous spectacle that you have to see if you visit Switzerland. And it is no exaggeration, the stunning beauty of the Rhine Falls dazzled the painter William Turner so much that they were his inspiration in several of his works.

Tasting cheese fondue

Swiss cheese is famous and popular all over the world. Therefore, if you travel to Switzerland you can not miss the opportunity to taste the authentic cheese fondue Gruyéres; something sublime that will elevate your senses. And Le Chalet is the best place in the village of Gruyéres to experience this delicious experience; you can also try the raclette and the heavy cream cheese. Now, if you’re not the best friend of cheese, stroll around town and discover its art and history.

Switch from train to funicular

Interlaken is a traditional Swiss tourist commune and is located between the lakes Thun and Brienz; for its beauty this town is a must for the traveler. The spectacular thing is that from there you can take the cog railway to Grindelwald. Then, continue the route to board the comfortable Eiger Express cable car, with its innovative technology; plus its windows with panoramic views of the exceptional Swiss mountains. 

Shopping on Zurich’s exclusive Bahnhofstrasse

Switzerland has a lot to offer the traveler. And Zurich is famous for, among other things, St. Peter’s Church, the Opera House, its historic center and the Felsenegg lookout point. However, if exclusivity is your thing, you will be fascinated by shopping along the exclusive Bahnhofstrasse. There you will find the most expensive and exclusive firms and stores in the world, such as the Sprüngli chocolate shop or the exquisite Teuscher, a store specializing in truffles.

View from the sky

If you want to get completely out of the traditional and tourist routine, visit Bern by helicopter. The view from the heights is the best option to discover this city on the banks of the Aar River. A helicopter ride will allow you to better appreciate the panoramic outline of the old Berner Münster Cathedral. Also of the Bundeshaus building, where the Swiss Federal Parliament is located.

Urban tourism and cultural experiences

Switzerland has many cities recognized worldwide as historical and cultural symbols. The most famous is Geneva, which is home to international organizations such as the Red Cross, WHO and others. This city also boasts numerous museums and sites of interest such as the famous Jet d’Eau. Other options to visit are the Tomb of Erasmus of Rotterdam in Basel and the beautiful parks and gardens of the Olympic city of Lausanne.

Adventures on Mount First 

From Grindelwald you can also reach Mount First in a 25-minute cable car ride. Mount First is a beautiful and impressive mountain measuring 2,168 meters high. And what to do there? Have the most fun with zip lines, hiking, scootering, overlooks, walks with spectacular views of glaciers, cliffs and much more. 

Montreux, the love of Freddy Mercury

Montreux has a wonderful climate and is conveniently located on the shores of Lake Geneva. Its coastline is often adorned with beautiful flowers, as well as beautiful sculptures, beautiful buildings and medieval architecture. Touring Montreux to see its jazz clubs and enjoy live music is quite a spectacle. And since Montreux was loved by Freddy Mercury, in memory of that love the city displays a bronze statue in his honor.

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