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Customize your experience in Morocco

Morocco Private Routes

Although we have a wide variety of options for all tastes, you may have some preference in particular, some specific route in mind or you would like to make your own trip with our help based on the knowledge of the country and its different possibilities.

Maybe your flight / ship arrives at another destination different from those that appear on our website, and you do not know how to combine the different destinations you would like to visit.

We apply any variation to our routes to fully adapt to your availability and travel expectations. So that you have a customized route, and travel for free and you want to hire a specific activity or you want to give it all done.

With our custom made trips we take you to the most touristic places, but we also show you other less accessible and impressive places, less touristy.

We make you travel from an independent perspective, to approach the culture and enter into contact with it.

Write us and tell us what you want. We will create a customized route, making available to you all the services and / or activities that you would like to include in your trip.

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